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Antes que nada, sorry for my bad english :T .
Los que sepan inglés correctamente no me maten e.e'

 Hola Gente! Por fin subo la ficha renovada de este enano -después de 3 años- logré terminarla,, no, mentira,, pero sí me tardé eso en hacerla (o mejor dicho en sentarme a dibujar el chibi :P) x'D Como sea,, les debía una nueva ficha con su corte de pelo modificado y los datos en inglés,, bueno en un intento de inglés. Espero que les guste :)

  This new profile was made to replace the previous profile that was uploaded in 2010 >> http://byokinuchan.blogspot.com.ar/2010/11/argentina-oc-ficha-y-descripcion-del.html (spanish) 


Name: República Argentina
Capital: Buenos Aires
Birthday: July 9
Human Name: Federico Esteban Conte (In Argentina, everyone hates her middle name xD)

  Physical description: 

 Necessary clarifications:
 Well, first I want to make a clarification. I must say it was difficult to find a successful physical appearance because Argentina is a country of high immigration and the physical features of each person can be very varied. I found all kinds of original characters to represent Argentina, here I present my own design. To make this design I consulted reviews people who are both Argentina as people from other countries for to explain to me their vision for this country. Second, I begining with a detailed description of the character. Argentina's hair is brown. To choose the hair color I relied on the observation of the average Argentine and to me it is clear that most Argentines are of brown hair (lighter or darker brown hair but still). I understand that a viable option is to have blond hair, and he and Uruguay are the two countries in the context of Latin America represent the waves of immigration and the 'European side' (that reason would be more related to what is the stereotype) but in my case I prefer to go by what I see in people generally and also associate it to their kin in the case of Argentina, Spain and Italy, which are two characters canon having brown hair. On the other hand, his eyes are dark blue and his hair has a 'ahogue' on his left side and rises upwards. The 'ahogue' reflects the influence of siblings Italy during their growth as a nation. The 'ahogue' is located on the left side as Italy Veneciano but bends upward as Italy Romano.

 In short;
 -Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Blue
-Height: 1.75 (m)


 I think, like all Latin American countries, he is living his teens. He is a young country (compared to the 'oldies' of Europe xD). From the outer side, he is seen as the typical stereotype of egocentric Argentine, who is concerned about their appearance alone. But because of his outgoing personality he can become really friendly and kind, is talkative but always considerate of other countries. Can become a great friend, as long as you do not carry the opposite or tell him he's wrong. He easily admits his mistakes and inside he knows he is not perfect. His confident personality helps him hide his inner insecurities. He is always willing to help someone who is going through a bad time and he never refuses of anyone a visit in your home (he sometimes thinks that this feature is a defect more than virtue).

  International relations: 

 -Relationship with Uruguay: Uruguay would be like a brother with whom Argentina it shares culturally and historically several things. Argentina admits to being the brother but Uruguay costs you admit these feeling. Argentina behaves like the typical older brother, of the two is the one with a more extroverted personality while Uruguay is more reserved and cautious. Uruguay is the opposite of Argentina, because he has a low profile and infinite patience because that constantly tolerates the follies of Argentina (even when he gets on the stage of 'green'). Uruguay is one of the countries with which Argentina is understood more and yet, they both know that their fights usually do not have a very important content, ie they fight all the time for nonsense like all the brothers. 'Gardel was Uruguayan or Argentine or French? (Who invited France to this discussion?), 'Gardel's' Rio de la Plata'! (?)

-Relationship with Paraguay: Moderately good. Argentina with Paraguay also shares a history and a culture in certain respects. When they were little the three countries (Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina) lived under the same 'roof', until each went his way. Historically there have been large differences even among them there was a war (War of Paraguay) that had very serious consequences for Paraguay. Despite this negative mark, now both get along very well, Argentina loves the typical food of Paraguay because it is found in many places in your home and he is used to it. They like to get together to drink mate (Argentina and Uruguay) and Tereré (Paraguay).

 *Mate (english): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mate_(beverage)

 [...aún falta más info/need more information :T]



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